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****The color will be send random, will send 6 different color due to batch by batch****

  • Makes it so much easier to teach the kids addition and subtraction
  • Easily grasp the composition and decomposition of numbers within 1-20
  • Conducive to children's intellectual development.
  • Unique and clever design style.

The character means wealth, blessing, health, happiness, can bring good luck and prosperity in the coming new year. These wall clings will make your home decor look Hope you enjoy your time to decorate your home with your friends and family.


Canvas Pattern and Size:

[Full Picture Pasting][满钻]

[36 cm *36 cm]


The product is driven by springs, not by traditional pressure. At the important moment, you just need to open the top cover, follow the arrow to gently twist the bottom of the cannon, aiming at the sky and watch the slow falling confetti.They are very suitable for taking photos. You can record this perfect moment and save it. 


Multifunctional:Great for hanging indoors only. Can be used as doorplates, doorway signs, reminder cards, and wall decorations, etc. This product is also both practical and decorative, suitable for many, which adds luster to your kid places.


The magic corn starch was firm by moistening with water - no craft glue needed! They can be cut, pressed, formed and rolled. It also able sticks on paper, cardboard and other smooth surfaces. 


-Blow 38 balloons to the diameter of about 7.5 cm to 9cm, then slot the balloon in to each cell.

-Bind every two balloons together.

-Put the balloon into the mesh grid till the grid is full of balloons (hide the balloon knot in the middle of the two balloons)

-You may arrange the balloons to your preferable color or create your own design

-Reusable after party and save time


Wedding Hi Xi Word PVC Window Wall Stickers Room Decoration 

  • These disposable bath towels are convenient,soft,absorbent,gentle,wholesome,great for sensitive or delicate skin.
  • Strong water absorption, flexibility and not easy to tear, no flocculation, recyclable, can be used twice, after washing, it can be used as a rag to wipe the table.
  • Save time and money by doing less laundry. Use it conveniently and throw it in the dustbin after use

Some vehicle has movable parts, which not only enhances the authenticity of the toy car and also adds more fun to children when they playing. Childrens can play together, using roadblocks and road signs will have more fun in party games.