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Ready Stock From Kedah

One package contain a number balloon, a crown balloon,12pcs latex balloon, 1pc long latex balloon.


Not just a kids craft kit, but also can be a beautiful decoration for home, after our little kid finish their art, parents can set a picture frame and hang it on the wall to be a wonderful unique decoration.

How to Do:
1. Uncover the stickers on the paintings
2. Knead the shape of the colored paper
3. Adjust the shape of the colored paper and paste it into the paintings.
4. Push the colored paper with bamboo sticks to make it stick to the painting.



----To charge the foil balloon must be slowly, can charge with a pump to 90%, then through a straw to blow, easy to control the volume, to avoid bursting the balloon. If there have two layers of the foil sticky, please stop charging, separate the two layers with your hands gently, and make sure they are apart so that they can continue charging.

---- For the foil balloon less than 18Inch are designed exclusively for air inflation as they cannot hold enough helium to float

---- Foil Balloons are made of thin continuous film of metal over nylon. Therefore, foil balloons are less porous. These foil balloons do not have flexibility and are inelastic, too much gas will easily burst. If burst, it cannot be repair!

---- When you open the package (if you use scissors), please be careful don't cut the balloons inside.

---- ----Straw, tape, stick, ribbon and pump are NOT INCLUDED, welcome visit our store and add into your cart before check out, thank you. All balloons ship in a flat.

---- ----Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services immediately if you have any problem during setup the road lead

---- ----For more models, kindly visit our store, thank you


Please note: THESE BALLOONS WILL NOT FLOAT. Balloon pump and straw will no included.

Note: Colour code among alphabet might slightly different due to batch by batch

Material: Aluminium Foil
Size: Approx.16 inch

Package: 1 piece of alphabet balloon


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: 18Inch

Qty per pack: 1 piece Balloon


Great for the party and gift to your love one's.


-Educational toy helps to develop children's motor skills, imagination, creativity, hand-on learning and logic thinking
-Children can nail a picture as they like with the holes pegboard
-The puzzle is equipped with a sotrage basket, easy to store
-Lightweight and portable to carry anywhere for your kids playing
-Non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to play for children 


Remark: The product we'll send to you is a DIY handmade craft kit, the craft needs to be made by you and your child together.


Used to decorate the Birthday Parties, Wedding Celebration, as the ideal decoration balloon in various parties. It is also one be the one's the kid's best gift


These foil balloon does not have flexibility and inelastic, too much gas will easy to burst. if burst, it can not be repair!


MAGNETIC, FOLD OVER Design uses strong magnets to keep your place & both side pretty printing.