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Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Based on variation selected

Package: 1 piece balloon
Note: Balloon Pump and straw no included


Material: EVA

Completed Size: Approx. 16 x 18 x 10cm

Color & Model: Random Pick

  • After assembly, kids can paint the corrugated paper box with favorite colors and limitless creativity and enrich children's thinking. (Painting color is NOT INCLUDED, welcome to our store to add into the cart, TQ)
  • Your child can use stickers, markers or crayon also (Not Included) on this fun cardboard toy make them colorful. 

Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

Package: 1 piece balloon
Note: Balloon Pump and straw no included


Material: Aluminium Foil
Size: Approx.16 inch

Package: 1 piece of alphabet balloon


This is the stuff that fills out a gift box or bag and makes it a real treat to root through for the shopper or gift recipient. 


Ideal educational DIY toys for children's early education.

Great tools for parent-child activity or school art class.

Beautiful outlook and easy to make, no scissor require & self-adhesive

Great decoration for home/room.

  • Makes it so much easier to teach the kids addition and subtraction
  • Easily grasp the composition and decomposition of numbers within 1-20
  • Conducive to children's intellectual development.
  • Unique and clever design style.


----To charge the foil balloon must be slowly, can charge with a pump to 90%, then through a straw to blow, easy to control the volume, to avoid bursting the balloon. If there have two layers of the foil sticky, please stop charging, separate the two layers with your hands gently, make sure they are apart so that they can continue charging.

---- ----These foil balloons do not have flexibility and are inelastic, too much gas will easily burst. if burst, it can not be repair!

---- ----Straw, tape, stick, ribbon and pump are NOT INCLUDED, welcome visit our store and add into your cart before check out, thank you. All balloons ship in a flat.

---- ----Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services immediately if you have any problem during pump

---- ----For more model, kindly visit our store, thank you


Kids can make the DIY crown as Father's Day gift, it will be an impressive gift. The DIY craft kit is made of non-woven fabric, self adhesive, no scissor or glue require.

It's an easy craft for kids who are working on developing fine-motor skills or who love art. It help to improve the child DIY ability, exercise child concentration and hand eye coordination.


****The color will be send random, will send 6 different color due to batch by batch****


Material: Aluminium Foil

Size: 16 Inch

Remark: Balloon Pump and straw all NOT included, kindly add into cart separately, TQ


Quantity Per Pack: 1 Piece based on selection

Material: Latex (36Inch), Aluminium (18Inch)

Size: 36Inch / 18Inch

Color: As per picture